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New Years Eve 2014
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We are a group of people with a passion for music and living that awesome vibe from back in the day! We do this via our video internet radio, online community, raves and events.

Tiny DJ

Hey Mixy mate just wanna say that the Happy Nation rave was the best rave i ever been to its so friendly the musics bangin wateva ur in 2 its there haha accept 4 that teenage rap shit!!! lol. The DJs r top quality man Duracel Moathouse D4rk Blackburn Ravers Happy Chaps Mad Max Trixta Prism n yourself u name it there a legend and it was my main man Ampz 1st set at the party n 2 think how much he worked 4 it all he done was play a few sets on the chat room 2 show hes up 4 it n bang next things hes playin at the rave ( it will b me soon mate i promise )

it was a buzz meetin evry1 i felt apart of a big family i realy enjoyd myself!! the next party cant come soon enuff all the best mate


Was rather brilliant!
Of course, I love Jacks as a venue - and Origin managed to fill it with a really up-for-it crowd, and generally wicked music...
Sets of the night were Jedi (bossak 94/5 shenanigans), Sy (good old bouncy stomp), Slam (wicked breakbeats), erm and most of the others I heard actually... Spenno was wicked on the mic too - really on form!

We was only thinking we'd know a couple of people, but we ended up bumping into loads of people we knew, and having a bossak night! The whole venue was nicely full too... brilliant atmopshere everywhere!

Big up to the promoters - you really pulled it off - it was one of the most enjoyable night's raving I've had in a VERY long time... a very very long time!

If you missed this event, you missed a classic!


So it was my birthday and it was going to be a good night no matter what! This being my first hardcore event I was a bit dubious as to how it would span out. But fuck me was I pleasantly surprised!

Jacks is a dirty grimey club at London Bridge, just how I like it, a nice underground feeling. After strangely talking to people I've not seen for years on the door, I walked in to give in my ticket. Mixman put something round my neck and I looked down to read a crew pass with 'Cunt' on it. I was made up! <3

We (FairyLiquidBaby, Jay-T Lyrical Groover and Naked J-Kid) walked through the big black double doors into a small room that was playing hardcore. We walked up the steps, past a stall selling whistles and horns into the main 'arena'. WOAH there with the quim twitches wo0! It was dark, it was dirty, the music was banging, everyone was up dancing and the MCing throughout the whole event was utterly brilliant.

I have to add that Mr Lyrical Groover (Who I was looking forward to seeing) pissed all my expectations out of the window. Wow, the guy's got talent, a propa showman and the crowd loved him. Doc-e also tore it up; it was pretty much an honour to get a mention :)

The crowd there were brilliant, not an ounce of attitude, it's really wicked to walk around and feel like you belong somewhere. Thanks to everyone who came and said Hi to me. You're all wicked and you made my night!

If you didn't know before that 'Out Of This World' was a new event, then you wouldn't have known at all. Everyone was extremely professional, friendly and willing to help you out if you needed it. Happy Nation have made their mark on my map. And there you're going to stay.

Bring on the next one guys. I'll be there for certain!!

DJ Crista

Totally wicked night! Loved the venue, music and the atmosphere. Whens the next one??

MC Doc E

Yes this was absolutely brilliant! Great tunes, great crowd, great everything!!

DJ Wilzee

Ahhhh wot a wicked nite :)

Loved the sets by Mixman and Insane, and there was one wicked up n cumming MC that i was really impressed with but cant remember his name

Big up the promoters

MC Lyrical Groover

Yeah had a wicked night myself!!! Proper got on form looning about on stage... my voice is battered from chatting pretty much solid from 2am - 5am!!! Yeah gotta big up Mixman and Insane loved chatting on those sets, pure quality!!!

Respect to MC Mayers and Hypavibe too, good to meet ya fellas!!!

MC Spenno

Woaaah! Totally amazing event! Big up all the crew involved!

Gotta say you worked really hard promoting this event, flyering all types of venues, and you boys got ya just rewards!

Tom U4ea- Every time i saw you in the crowd, you were singing your head off to some classics, bossak lol 8) Can't wait for the next one ;)

Shiv - Top Rush

Origin on Saturday was a wicked rave, really good atmosphere in the place, was busy but not too busy so you had room to dance!

Big up all the promoters and everyone that reached!

MC Mayers

Thanx to all the guys behind origin that let me and doc e, go back 2 back over dougal's set, Thanx to all the ravers kind words and support after we did the set.
Shout to jutt, my lyrical partner in crime MC doc e, MC Lyrical Grover Hypervibe and Spenno and especialy Charlie B!

Charlie B rocked it !


Agreed, Origin was blinding! I've been looking forward to it for months since I first saw it advertised and was contemplating not going on the night because I was so tired, but I'm so glad I did.
It was good to have a separate room playing old skool, the only problem was deciding which room I wanted to be in most! Not sure what time it was supposed to finish but I left when the tunes stopped and I think it was about 6.30 by that point.

A good crowd, wicked atmosphere and brilliant sets made it a top night, and all for £12! Well done to the promoters for putting on such an excellent night, shouts to everyone who was there, see you at the next one :D

Curtis Abbott

After catching the last 10 minutes of a happy set, the next up was the brilliant DJ Gee with a classic Freeform set accompanied by Jutt on the mic. I'm sure she threw a glow stick at me :(

The next set was a mixture of lesser known Bouncy Techno tunes and a few happy anthems such as Love U More, Listen Carefully, Eyeopener, 6 Days and Cold As Ice, with the club filling up nicely at about half 11.

Taking the midnight set was the headliner DJ Sy, with the combined vocal talents of Jutt and E Man on the mic. Starting off with some older happy kinetic style tunes Sy went on to play probably the cheesiest set I've ever seen! Love U More (again!), Happy Vibes, Fuck My Best Friend, a remix of Enola Gay, a remix of DJ Quicksilver - Belissima, Rainbow In The Skies, Shooting Star, the Brisk remix of Set You Free, Kick It, a tune with the 'I Need Your Lovin' vocals in, Dreadland, Hold Me Now and Like A Dream to top it all off!

With the penultimate set DJ Mixman was going to have to go some way to out cheese Sy but he gave it a go lol, Love And Devotion, Toytown, Now Is The Time, Take Me Away, Steam Train, Party Time, Time and finishing off with Shelter Shelter!

Overall another brilliant night at Silhouette's


Big up to the eveyone who took part in Origin last night, what an amazing atmosphere, couldn't stop stomping even when my feet were killing me, so much top quality relentless hardcore!! Loved the venue too, well worth the mission down there, will be looking out for the next one


Wicked night! wicked tunes! Wicked Atmosphere, Wicked people! what more can i say! AGAIN PLEASE!!!! :)


Really loved Origin, pure class night, loads of pics to come, starting to upload the first set in a mo,

Would just like to say to Mixman, well fookin done, was a truely fantastic night! cant wait till the next one!

*mwah* to everyone i caught up with, gsus, Njoy, Marie and crew! love you!

In true rave style!....we ad it!

DJ Trixta

WOW, what a night folks, Big happy smilie peeople :D
Havent been to a rave with a good vibe as much as Origin had in a long time.
Excellent DJ's MC's and very well promoted and planned event!
My highlight has got to be the DJ Jedi set, pure class 94> set (plus the mixmans set, hehehe.)
Nice to see everyone from the Unite community, put some faces to names, plus nice to see all the regulars fkn avinit!

Hope to see another event of this kind sometime in the future as I really enjoyed it.
Not too soon tho as i danced my socks off and need at least two months to recover!! lol

Well done Mixman, see yall later hardcore ravers!

DJ Deddley

wicked night was enjoying it and what a superb turmout it had :D
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