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We are a group of people with a passion for music and living that awesome vibe from back in the day! We do this via our video internet radio, online community, raves and events.
Sparki Dee's Biography
I started listening to rave music when I was merely a minor, in 1992/1993 I was listening to the top 40 and producers/bands like The Prodigy, Altern8 etc were what captured my mind I was only around 5 or 6 years old then. I expanded my horizons further as the years went on and after a while I started listening to pirate radio leaving the fluffy cheesy rave sounds behind for a rougher and tougher experience. By the late 90s I was messing around with sounds on the now legendary Music and Music 2000 games on the Playstation 1, I used a few more games like this before I stepped up to producing proper music in the summer of 2004. My DJ'ing started in 2002 and my main styles were old skool hardcore, jungle and drum n bass, I asked friends if I could practice on their severely battered belt drives playing these old tracks before I finally got my Technics 1210s. I did parties mainly and small gatherings along with events/raves and grew a small following, but it all started to take shape when I started doing radio.

In 2007 after years of recording mixes and doing the odd event I set up an online station with a mate called Pukka FM, from that I gained experience and learnt how radio worked. I have since run my own station called Shadow FM successfully for three years up until 2012 once again DJ'ing out at events and linking the radio station up. I also briefly played on Essex Beatz, Unity Radio and Charge FM one of Essex's leading dance stations and with the people that surrounded me I gained an even wider knowledge I also featured on Touchdown FM along with Nu Rave, Spice and now Planet Rave where I play under the radar producers in the hardcore breaks and nu skool jungle scene.

My producing has gotten me noticed and I have had plays on Radio 1 through Annie Nightingale and also the BBC Introducing programme along with 6 Music and BBC Kent. I released my first track on a label in 2010 and still put out music on many labels still to this day for e.g. Kode 5, Hardcore Lives, Climactic Records and have interest from other labels at present. Through producing and radio I have managed to keep my foot in the door and progress within the music world. Music is my life and always will be till the end, I welcome opportunities to play out and release tracks on labels both go hand in hand and that will always be the driving force of the scene. My talents as a producer and DJ shine through and my sets are remarked upon as having character, I don't stick to one genre I like to change up many styles and take the listener on a journey.